How Women Can Relax Their Body to Relieve Anxiety

A body scan puts you back in your body so you can help yourself with the anxiety.

Anxiety is not just emotional, it has those “pesky” physical symptoms.  You know the ones that make you think you might have a serious illness?  These symptoms create more and more anxiety in a never ending, exhausting cycle. It can be so frightening that you try to ignore the symptoms, which takes you even further away from relief.  So here’s what you can do to reverse this cycle and put yourself back in control. 

#1 Lie or sit in a comfortable position, uncrossing your legs and arms.

#2 Take 2 or 3 deep breaths.

#3 Turn your attention to your body and notice what you find.  It’s important to practice this with a non-judgmental attitude.  Simply notice any tension or pain in your body. Common areas of tension can usually be found in your head, neck, shoulders, jaw, stomach, or chest.

#4 Using deep-breathing techniques (with your belly extending slightly then allow your upper chest to rise last) to breathe into the area of tension.

#5 Imagine breathing “into” the physical area of tension and imagine releasing this tension as you breath out.

#6 Continue breathing in this manner.  Repeat for 5 or 6 rounds until the tension has faded and you are relaxed and in control again.

If you have anxiety or chronic stress, schedule now to discuss your personal circumstances, because Freedom from Anxiety is possible!