Proven EMDR Therapy for Anxiety: Endorsed by the National Institute of Mental Health

Why EMDR Works

Certain difficult events are so emotionally intense that they can overwhelm even your best coping skills.  When this happens, the event becomes frozen in time and hidden from your conscious mind. Once hidden, these events cause anxiety and control your thoughts, decisions, relationships, etc. even without you knowing it.

EMDR effectively lowers anxiety and helps you to process the emotions of the event so it no longer controls you.

“EMDR was a nonconventional deep dive into a really tough and raw moment in my life that continued to weigh heavily on me. I always felt safe doing EMDR. And at the other end there was a freedom from the negative hold that moment had on me for so many years. It’s so powerful with amazing results.” 

Client C.W.

(Name protected)


Events that have been helped with EMDR therapy include
(but are not limited to) the following:

“EMDR actually changed my mind. I no longer feel controlled by the past.”

Client K.F. 

(Name protected)

Who can provide EMDR therapy?

Only licensed psychotherapists, with specialized EMDR training are allowed to provide this form of treatment. Margaret Ann has  received training by EMDR developer, Dr. Francine Shapiro, at the highest level and has extensive experience in using this technique.

Contact Margaret Ann with our contact form to  discuss how EMDR can benefit you.

There is more information on EDMR at the EDMR Website. Click here for the website.

You don’t have to suffer. Freedom from anxiety is possible.